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Political Media

Back in 1932, Will Rogers joked that "politics is getting so expensive it even takes a lot of money to lose!"

We would be the first to tell you that advertising alone will not win an election. In fact, not every candidate seeking office necessarily needs an advertising media specialist. We do know that the higher the office sought, the greater the demand for our kind of media expertise.

The stature of any advertising services company can be judged by its reputation in the trade. The publications, radio and television stations, and outdoor companies with which a media buying service does business are critical judges of its operations and performance. A reputation in such quarters is very important to any advertiser. We suggest you contact the people in our trade and ask them any questions you wish about our company.

Mike Parker for Governor - MS

  The opposition thought we were investing a massive percentage of our campaign dollars in primary research because their studies were showing that our media buys were targeting the right TV programs in every DMA.

  A campaign's media plan is important - it's the only way to reach the undecided voter.

  Hiring Maggie... that was a no-brainer.

Mike Parker, Republican Candidate
1999 Campaign for Governor

We have provided a business-like approach for numerous political advertising campaigns.

Listed below are a few we thought we'd mention - the ones in bold we won.
Mike Randolph MS Supreme Court Justice / Southern District
Wayne BrownSouthern District Transportation Commissioner / MS
Michael CallahanSouthern District Public Service Commissioner / MS
Eric ClarkSecretary of State / MS
Nielsen CochranCentral District Public Service Commissioner / MS
George DaleInsurance Commissioner / MS
Dennis DollarU.S. Congress - District 5 / MS
Wayne DowdyGovernor / MS
Dick HallState Senator - District 25 / MS
Dick HallCentral District Transportation Commissioner / MS
Dean KirbyU.S. Congress - District 3 / MS
Ed MorganMayor - Hattiesburg / MS
Mike ParkerU.S. Congress - District 4 / MS
Mike ParkerGovernor / MS
Steve PattersonState Auditor / MS
Art RhodesU.S. Congress - District 4 / MS
Charlie RoseU.S. Congress - District 7 / NC
Keith StarrettSouthern District Supreme Court Justice / MS
Gregg HarperU.S. Congress / MS (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)
Dawn BeamSupreme Court Justice / MS (2016)
Phil BryantGovernor / MS (2011, 2015)
Joel BomgarState Representative / MS (2015)
Chris CaughmanState Senator / MS (2015)
Thad CochranU.S. Senator / MS (2014)
Mike RandolphSupreme Court Justice / MS (2012)
Billy HewesLt. Governor / MS (2011)

What you primarily hire in an advertising services' company is its management.

You should apply the same critical standards to its people that you would to any other important business associate:
  1. They should have the character of people with whom you want to do business.
  2. They should have the knowledge, experience, and proficiency to do the job, and should have demonstrated this by their record of achievement with other clients.
  3. They should be really interested in your business.
A Summary of Client Benefits

  1. You have an experienced media specialist added to your organization's staff without increasing your company's payroll expenses.
  2. You have a proven media management system, plus the benefit of our success in handling media for accounts similar to yours over the years.
  3. You get our sincere desire to build your business through sound media plans with no special prejudices for any medium.
  4. You receive the experience gained through our association with other clients whose problems and solutions add to our general knowledge of marketing.
  5. You save bookkeeping and office procedure time by having a specialist to insure that your media invoices are proofed, checked and audited each month by us as a part of our service.


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