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About Us

Mississippi's first advertising services company specializing in media planning, buying, and consulting opened in 1989. Its purpose was to provide support for local and regional advertisers. We have successfully served the media needs of consumer, financial, and event advertisers as well as political campaigns, issues, and referendums.

We subscribe to Arbitron (TVScan/TAPScan) and the A.C. Nielsen - both national media research firms. We invest in technology. We engage the media.

Our founder, Maggie Clark, has been and continues to be an active leader in our state's advertising industry. Her peers fondly refer to her as Media Queen. Mississippi Business Journal selected Maggie as one of Mississippi's Top CEOs for 2018, and recognized her as one of Mississippi's Leading Business Women in 2006.

The University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, MS

  I called Mississippi's leading ad agencies when we needed to find a qualified professional to teach media buying. They all recommended the same person: Maggie Clark.

  Her peers consider her the premier Media Director in our state. At USM's School of Mass Communications, we consider her a valuable asset.

Dr. Art Kaul, Department Head
Department of Journalism

We provide media management and placement services:
  • Media research - defining your market
  • Media planning - reaching your market
  • Media placement - getting what you paid for (the art of scheduling)
  • Competitive analysis - picturing the competition
  • Contract negotiations - lowering you advertising cost
  • Schedule maintenance - timing your advertising cost
  • Media merchandising - earning more exposure
  • White paper studies - reviewing past advertising efforts
  • Media cash-flow timeline - maintaining the competitive edge
If your staff had our capabilities, we wouldn't exist!
We work with our clients. We develop sound media plans that orchestrate a mix that best targets their advertising message. Our clients' media programs are customized to fit their needs and budget.

We have over thirty years of media management experience. Maggie Clark spent the first eight years of her career working on the McDonald's account. During that period, the account grew from five stores with annual sales of five million dollars to fifteen stores with annual sales of thirteen million dollars. The percentage of sales allocated for local marketing and advertising declined from a high of 3.75% to a low of 2.75% while media costs steadily increased. She honed her media buying skills by sharpening her pencil and building good media relationships.

Maggie's got an attitude! She believes knowledge should be shared. The disciplines instilled in her by McDonald's have always been applied toward any account she represents. The media community describes her as tenacious but fair. Her clients describe her as accommodating and enthusiastic.

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